Injection blow machines


A wide range of manufacturing technologies

As a technology leader, we are always aware that a good innovation must be based on the combination of a practical, market-oriented invention with a sophisticated technological base which is well received by customers and end users.

The range of manufacturing technologies employed includes extrusion blow moulding, co-extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding, injection stretch blow molding, injection moulding, printing and labelling and assembling.

Cleanroom ALPLApharma

Certifications guarantee international standards

At ALPLApharma we have a cleanroom certified to production class C-ISO7 (ISO14644-1).

Further certificates: ISO9001:2015 , ISO14001:2015,  ISO15378:2015, EN ISO13485:2016.


custom made products quality inspection

The highest quality around the world

Modern technologies, a highly qualified team, certifications according to international standards – ALPLApharma meets all the demands facing a global company.

There are also individually developed check procedures and the internationally standardised ALPLApharma top-level quality check in addition to the required standards. These allow us to guarantee that our customers get what they are entitled to expect at all of our plants around the world: competitive packaging of the highest quality.