Vial Vet/PP 100 ml/G

VIAL VET/PP 100 ML/G standard product of parenterals manufactured by ALPLApharma
Vial Vet/PP 100 ml/G a standard product of parenterals manufactured by ALPLApharma.


Introducing the Vial Vet/PP 100 ml/G, a high-quality pharmaceutical-standard vial produced in Spain. This round-shaped vial, manufactured from PP material under the highest quality standards with ISO 8 cleanroom-certified conditions is designed for parenteral fluids packaging and is available in transparent and umber color. Specially made for pharmaceutical and veterinary use, the vial features a secure ISO 20 closure and a 100 ml fill volume. E-beam sterilization can be used to give the vial an extra level of sterility assurance.

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